Anti-Static Records

45 rpm

Welcome to Anti-Static Records


Anti-Static Records aims to bring the discerning record buyer only the very, very best in pre-recorded sounds of yesterday’s tomorrow and the day after tomorrow’s yesterday! Our ever expanding range of vinyl discs will help to soothe those moments when your present selection of music doesn’t seem adequate.

Alongside Anti-Static Records’s selection of recent and not so recent issues, there are some mint reissues of some of the most obscure discs that you will probably never find no matter how many car boots you drag yourself out of bed for or how many wasted hours trawling through ebay you spend!

Anti-Static Records will also feature as many original discs from the fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties that may come our way or filter for sale from our collections…so keep checking back.

Some discs are available on a first-come-first serve basis at present, only from Anti-Static Records at Land of a Thousand Dances or Friday Night at The Parlour. We also deal in old but NEW stock, for example have the whole of the Camden Records label in stock at the moment!

Not all of the sound samples featured are mine, but be assured these discs will sound better when actually played on your turntable..the louder the better!